Studio Gang clads Chicago high-rise in energy-saving concrete panels - architecture and design

Studio Gang clads Chicago high-rise in energy-saving concrete panels

Dezeen promotion: materials developer Rieder has clad the facades of Solstice on the Park, a residential tower in Chicago designed by Studio Gang, in modular concrete panels.
The tower, clad by Rieder, is named Solstice on the Park due to the distinctive angular forms cut from its south, park-facing facade.
The form of the building has been designed using sun diagrams. At the solstice, when the sun is at its highest point, it hits the building at 72 degrees ? and the indents lean at the same angle.

This angling is designed to prevent heat flooding into the apartments and therefore reduce the energy levels required to cool the space.
These angled panels also creates solar advantage during winter months, allowing the low-level sunlight to penetrate far into the space.
In total the 26-storey building in Hyde Park is covered in over 4,000 square metres of dark grey and beige-coloured panelling, which has been placed to highlight the tower's structure.
Dark grey panels reflect the internal "muscular" concrete structure, while the light-beige cladding mirrors the materials of the surrounding buildings. This beige colour is also designed to complement the wooden finishes inside the apartments.

The concrete panels designed by Rieder aim to show how climate-friendly construction can be integrated into high-rise buildings. The tiles, each 13-millimetre thin, are made from non-combustible glass fibre reinforced concrete.
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