Terrazas House by Garza Maya Arquitectos - architecture and design

Terrazas House by Garza Maya Arquitectos

Recently designed by Garza Maya Arquitectos, Terrazas House is located west of the city of Chihuahua (Mexico), in a subdivision located on a hill, the land is south facing.

The clients looked for a concept where the views of the city would be used to the maximum and at the same time avoid direct radiation in summer and be able to take advantage of it in winter to heat the spaces.
The solution consists of a volume in “L” that opens to the north and east, in the volume oriented to the north is the social area, and the volume that opens to the east are the services, the kitchen and the dining room. The two volumes have a large window with terraces to integrate the garden into the house and take advantage of the cross ventilation. The stairs are integrated in the kitchen and dining area, they are always visible from any point of the house; the intention is that they work like a sculpture and also indicate where to go up.
On the upper floor, above the garage and the living room, there are the bedrooms with natural lighting and ventilation from the South. The route to enter the bedrooms is through a corridor that opens to the garden and allows privileged views of the city. In the articulation of the secondary bedrooms and the main bedroom, there is the family social area, with a window towards the heart of the project, which is the garden and the views of the city that are taken advantage of from the second floor.
On the top floor, fac...
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