Think Architecture completes Zurich home with lake and vineyard views - architecture and design

Think Architecture completes Zurich home with lake and vineyard views

Swiss practice Think Architecture has created House at a Vineyard, which includes a veranda and sunken courtyard that have vistas across the waters of Lake Zurich.
The house is situated in a wildflower-filled meadow that lies beyond a small vineyard near Lake Zurich.
It was created by Think Architecture for a young family of four who, after showing the practice a few inspirational images from Pinterest, said their key request was that their home was modern and had a simple, symmetrical layout.

"Though symmetrical villas have long dominated architectural history, in recent decades they have tended to appear only as neoclassical imitations," said the practice.
"House at a Vineyard aims to prove that this specific spatial arrangement still has its place and can be translated into a contemporary design."
The house comprises a stacked pair of rectilinear volumes, both of which are punctuated with tall recessed windows that offer views of the surrounding landscape.
A three-metre-wide veranda runs the entire length of the lower volume of the house that boasts herringbone-pattern decked flooring.

At its centre is a small, sunken courtyard centred by a single tree, which the practice has specifically placed to fall in line with the sequence of reception rooms indoors.
Cushioned seating runs around the perimeter of the courtyard, allowing the family to relax there during the warm summer months while overlooking the waters of the lake.

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