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9 May 2022
Let’s Talk About TOD!
Pioneers in Transit-Oriented Development, Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP) break down this fast growing trend
A birds-eye view of TODTOWN by Ronald Lu & Partners:

images courtesy of Ronald Lu & Partners
Transit-Oriented Development Design
Transit-Oriented Developments ? also known as TODs ? are multi-layer urban developments that harmoniously mix residential, commercial, transport, and environmental opportunities. Their primary objective is to optimise land use and maximise access to public transport to promote sustainable urban growth. TOD design concepts typically include a central transportation hub like a train station, light rail terminus, or bus terminal that is surrounded by a high-density mixed-use development, with lower-density developed areas spreading out from this central point.
TODTOWN by RLP in the Minhang district of Shanghai meets a complex range of needs and challenges by creating a well-connected, mixed-use ‘mini-city’:

Lately, more and more innovative TOD projects have been gathering speed, particularly in eastern China. This is due to the combination of high-density cities and the inherent appeal of mass transportation hubs for large populations. These hubs reduce carbon consumption and eliminate vehicle use and parking spaces while also creati...

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