Ukraine's "100 years ago in the future" restaurant combines past and present - architecture and design

Ukraine's "100 years ago in the future" restaurant combines past and present

Balbek Bureau has designed the interiors of a restaurant in Kiev that incorporates traditional Ukrainian forms, materials and colours in a contemporary way.
Called 100 Rokiv Tomu Vpered, which translates from Ukrainian as "100 years ago in the future", the restaurant has a menu featuring modern updates on traditional Ukrainian dishes.
Kiev-based Balbek Bureau said that it wanted the interior to follow this theme of "creating a connection between historical past and innovative present of Ukraine".

The 260-square-metre restaurant is split between two levels. A dining room, banquet hall, and bar area are located on the ground floor, while a smaller dining room and a kitchen are located on the first floor where large windows provide plenty of natural light. For example, the restaurant's walls, floor and furniture are finished in light-ochre tones accented with clusters of red ? a colour scheme typically used to make traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts.

On the restaurant's first floor the accents of red are provided by chairs with oversized seat cushions designed by Slava Balbek for his furniture brand Propro.

The design of the large dining table and benches is inspired by the old interior but its white finish and clean lines enable it to blend within the new modern setting.

The design incorporates natural materials such as oak floors and wall paneling as well as a calming neutral colour palette that mixes ochre, sienna and raw umber-coloured funritu...

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