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Ultra-Affordable NOMAD Micro Home For Sale on Amazon

Affordable housing options are shrinking every day. Even the newer so-called “low-income” housing projects are priced way too high for most middle-class people, who often work two jobs just to keep their families afloat. But a new prefab home called the NOMAD Cube is up for sale on Amazon, and it’s priced to move — even for people with incomes considered middle-of-the-road.

Ian and Joie Alvaro Kent are the founders, owners, and designers behind NOMAD Micro Homes. They specialize in creating small homes that are not only within the average person’s means, but also environmentally friendly and connected to nature with oversized windows and doors on all sides.
In 2013, the duo burst onto the scene with the NOMAD Micro: a 100-sqaure-foot design with a space-saving staircase to the loft, a range of ceiling heights, and (as always) doors and windows that maximized natural light. Six years after the NOMAD Micro went to market surrounded by great reviews, the Kent husband-and-wife team unveiled the NOMAD Cube. Measuring 13.5′ x 13.5′ x 13.5′, The Cube is not only slightly larger than its predecessor, it’s also available through mail order on Amazon for just $38,800. Even better, qualified buyers can finance their Cube through a company-affiliated lender.

The newest NOMAD model boasts several other advancements over its predecessor. For starters, it’s flat-packed, which dramatically reduces the shipping costs. Its parts ...
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