Venice Biennale gets at ideas behind what, why and how we build - architecture and design

Venice Biennale gets at ideas behind what, why and how we build

Every year Canada is given a rare opportunity to present our best creative talent to the world. Each year are lucky to be one of only 30 permanent pavilions in the Giardini (botanical gardens) of Venice where, in alternate years, we showcase the best of Canadian Art and Architecture. Our pavilion, restored and re-opened to the public in 2018, showcases Art and Architecture, showing the world how Canada confronts creative challenges.
The rich content of the Imposter Cities exhibition?including a chorus of interviews, film clips, and on-site segments?is accessible through its interactive website, at
Past expositions in Art have included, since 1952, some of Canada?s leading artists. Concurrent annual expositions in music, theatre, film and dance attract thousands of visitors to the Giardini. This is the only international exhibition to which Canada sends official representation. A chance to showcase Canadian talent not only is an opportunity to celebrate the works of the artist on exhibit, but it?s a chance to raise the profile of all Canadian artists. In 2021, the Canadian exposition focused on the idea of how Canadian architecture is ?film-famous? as a stand in for other international cities. The exhibition, wrapping the pavilion in green-screen material, proposed new ideas in thinking about what Canadian architectural identity can be. Why do our cities look like other cities" How can we create cultural identity for Canada if we look like everywhere...
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David Adjaye named designer of UK Holocaust memorial

Nate Dalesio clads his Upstate New York family house in corkboard panels

28-11-2021 21:40 - ( Architecture )

Batavia by baton Arquitectura

Modern Coastal Home Designed as a One-Story Pavilion Open to the Beach

This recently completedmodern coastal home is sited at Scotts Landing, an inlet on the end of the Mahurangi peninsula south-east of Warkworth. It is sculptural and still calm and well-mannered. A single-storeyed pavilion, the houses faces south...
12-10-2017 22:04 - ( Architecture )
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Aeroponic 2100 flying farms by Mcheileh Studio | Redesign the World | Dezeen

Mcheileh Studio\'s proposal to build aeroponic farmsin huge airships to distribute food around the globe has been awarded second place in Dezeen\'s Redesign the World competition powered by Twinmotion. The proposal, called Aeroponic 2100,...
18-11-2021 21:45 - ( architecture TV )
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Aerospace-Inspired Fuselage Wilderness Cabin

From the outside, the Fuselage Wilderness Cabin looks like it was dropped to earth from outer space. Shaped like a fuselage, this tiny cabin designed by Tree Tents has a futuristic look that betrays its cozy interiors. Fitted with bunk beds, a...
08-03-2019 21:54 - ( Architecture )
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Riviera 65 by Metricon

Located in Sorrento, QLD, Australia, this beautiful contemporary two-story house was designed by Metricon. Photography courtesy of Metricon Visit Metricon
05-10-2018 21:20 - ( Architecture )
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Winners announced for the 7th annual CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Awards

CanBIM announced the winners for the 2021 Innovation Spotlight Awards on October 27, 2021, as part of its second virtual awards presentation. The organization multi-casted the awards presentation on all its social channels as a live global...
15-11-2021 22:05 - ( Architecture )

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Dezeen Awards 2021 Design show | Dezeen Awards

The winners of the Dezeen Awards 2021 design categories will be announced in a special show hosted by poet and broadcaster LionHeart and experiential designer and filmmaker Nelly Ben Hayoun tomorrow. Tune in at 4:00pm UK time. The show will...
24-11-2021 21:45 - ( architecture TV )
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Live talk with Anab Jain and Jon Ardern of Superflux as part of Dezeen 15 | Dezeen

Founders of London design and film studio Superflux Anab Jain and Jon Ardern will speak to Dezeen during a live interview as part of Dezeen 15. Tune in here live on Thursday 18 November at 3:00pm UK time. Dezeen 15 is a three-week digital...
17-11-2021 21:38 - ( architecture TV )
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Deadline designs Berlin "Baugruppen" co-operative for cultural commercial space

German practice Deadline Architects has completed a co-operative workspace for arts, education and the creative industries in Berlin. Frizz23, which has been shortlisted in the business building category of Dezeen Awards 2021, is based on the...
17-11-2021 21:38 - ( architecture TV )
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20 Incredibly Inspiring Ideas To Decorate With Flocked Christmas Trees

Decorating your home with a Christmas tree is a festive way to celebrate the season and there are so many beautiful ways to decorate them. Trees of all sizes can adorn your home, depending on your available space. You can decorate your tree however...
06-12-2019 21:54 - ( Interior Design )
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30+ Cozy And Wonderful Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

The holiday season is a magical time of the year and there are a variety of ways to decorate your home to celebrate this joyous season using beautiful rustic farmhouse Christmas decor. You can dress up your space in cheery and bright colors to more...
22-11-2019 21:55 - ( Interior Design )

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Designs of the Year 2019 nominees include genderless voice and home HIV test kit

Contenders for this year\'s Beazley Designs of the Year awards include Diller Scofidio + Renfro\'s The Shed, a pocket-sized home HIV test kit, and the world\'s first genderless voice. A total of 76 innovative designs including clothing,...
10-09-2019 21:53 - ( Architecture )
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The Courtyard House by Urban Narratives

The Courtyard House situated in Hyderabad, India, is a modern home designed in 2020 by Urban Narratives. Description The Courtyard House is nestled within a peaceful suburb in Kukatpally, located in the...
30-06-2021 22:14 - ( Architecture )