Vertical waste processor wins conceptual skyscraper contest - architecture and design

Vertical waste processor wins conceptual skyscraper contest

A skyscraper that processes waste, an ice dam, an urban nature reserve and a border-wall building are among the conceptual projects recognised in this year's eVolo Skyscraper Competition.
This year's edition of the annual skyscraper design contest named three winners and 27 honourable mentions, with Serbian architecture student Marko Dragicevic's design for Methanescraper in Belgrade named the overall winner.
His proposal aims to deal with the vast amount of waste generated in cities, which often ends up in landfill sites, while taking up very little space.
Marko Dragicevic's vertical waste disposal plant won the conceptual design competition
Waste would be delivered to the skyscraper and sorted as at a standard recycling centre. The organic matter, including wood and paper, would be placed in modular containers and craned into position on the skyscraper's concrete core. These capsules would be plumbed into the tower so that the methane that escapes as the matter decomposes can be captured in large tanks and turned into electricity. After all the material has decomposed, the capsules would be washed and reused.
The 800-metre-tall Airscraper would purify a city's air
Second prize was awarded to Polish architects Klaudia Go?aszewska and Marek Grodzicki, with their concept for a supertall skyscraper that would clean the air of the world's most polluted cities.
Named Airscraper, the 800-metre-tall skyscraper would be built around a 30-metre-wide central tube that acts as a chim...

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