Yves Béhar designs "world's first 3D-printed community" for Latin America - architecture and design

Yves Béhar designs "world's first 3D-printed community" for Latin America

Designer Yves Béhar has revealed plans to build 3D-printed houses for an impoverished farming community in Latin America.
Béhar, founder of design studio Fuseproject, developed the project with New Story, a non-profit dedicated to finding solutions to homelessness, along with homebuilding technology company ICON.
The trio teamed up last year to use 3D printing quickly build an affordable, high-quality housing for families living on less than $200 (£154) a month. The team is now rolling out this same technology to form "the world's first 3D-printed community" for a small population of farmers and palm weavers.
The project will be in Latin America, although the exact location remains undisclosed.
"We are thrilled to partner with New Story on their mission to end global homelessness," said Béhar. "I believe the most advanced technologies can deliver designed solutions for those most in need, and it is both the new technology from ICON and the vision of New Story that is making it possible today." First houses to be printed this year
Fuseproject's environments team has designed a suite of 3D-printed residences for multi-generational groups, with the first houses slated to be printed later this year.
The team worked closely with future residents to decide on land selection and community planning. The 3D-printed model initially developed last year has also been modified to create a version that can be adapted to various needs.
The 3D-printed homes w...
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