Iris van Herpen interview: technical innovation in haute couture | Fashion | Dezeen - architecture and design

Iris van Herpen interview: technical innovation in haute couture | Fashion | Dezeen

Fashion designer Iris van Herpen explains how experimentation in haute couture can drive innovation in the fashion industry in this exclusive video interview filmed by Dezeen.

The Dutch designer told Dezeen that haute couture can be a good platform to develop new materials and techniques for ready-to-wear fashion, in an interview filmed at van Herpen's atelier in Amsterdam.

"Couture is actually a really strong platform for developing new techniques and materials that can be translated into the larger industries," states van Herpen in the first of a series of video interviews Dezeen filmed with her.

Haute couture refers to a particular branch of the fashion industry that only produces custom-made pieces on request from private clients, and presents a collection of work only twice a year during Paris Couture week.
Van Herpen describes haute couture as "the art of fashion", as its garments often have a grander appearance than their ready-to-wear counterparts.

"Haute Couture has a really beautiful tradition of centuries of craftsmanship," she said. "I think the focus on innovation has been less apparent for the last few decades, maybe because the industry was just small but it's actually growing again."

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