Cocoon BioFloss concept material enables residents to grow their own homes | Architecture | Dezeen - architecture and design

Cocoon BioFloss concept material enables residents to grow their own homes | Architecture | Dezeen

Maria Vergopoulou's vision for self-build micro-homes made of bioplastic is the latest video in our Dezeen x MINI Living series. The proposal, called Cocoon BioFloss, features clusters of cocoon-like homes made from thin bioplastic fibres, which resemble strands of candy floss. The concept was submitted by Vergopoulou in response to the Dezeen x MINI Living Future Urban Home Competition brief, which asked Dezeen readers to design a home that would address the challenges a city might face in 100 years time. In her proposal, the UK architect imagines an "economically and politically uncertain" future in which resources are scarce. She predicts that this would lead to the revival of the DIY attitudes and spark innovation in construction technology. Traditional building materials such as brick and concrete would be replaced by bioplastic, a renewable material derived from agricultural bi-products. The architect hopes that the construction industry of the future will combine innovation with consideration for the environment. Read more on Dezeen:"p=1312014 WATCH NEXT: The D*Haus Company proposes flood-resistant Georgian housing -"v=iP1PUaKNkyI Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest architecture and design movies: Like Dezeen on Facebook: Follow Dezeen on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Check out our Pinterest:

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