La Tallera by Frida Escobedo restores work of famous Mexican muralist | Architecture | Dezeen - architecture and design

La Tallera by Frida Escobedo restores work of famous Mexican muralist | Architecture | Dezeen

Frida Escobedo describes her first public project La Tallera, an art gallery which was once the studio of the late muralist David Alfaros Siqueiros, in this exclusive video interview with Dezeen. The gallery complex, which is located in the small city of Cuernavaca, was originally built by Siqueiros in the 1960s as a painting workshop. "The first thing that struck me was the courtyard where David Alfaro Siqueiros was painting his murals," she told Dezeen. "It was really interesting to see how these monumental public art pieces were inside the building." By knocking down an old perimeter wall and joining the internal courtyard to an external plaza, Escobedo opened up the complex and restored two gigantic murals to what she calls their "original public art spirit". The two pieces by Siqueiros now stand either side of a new entrance, which is set into a feature wall made from perforated concrete blocks that wraps around all of the buildings in the complex. Read more on Dezeen:"p=1329640 WATCH NEXT: Boca Chica Hotel was "like an archaeology project" says Frida Escobedo - Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest architecture and design movies: Like Dezeen on Facebook: Follow Dezeen on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Check out our Pinterest:

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