Michele de Lucchi transforms Poltrona Frau showroom into an "Earth Station" | Design | Dezeen - architecture and design

Michele de Lucchi transforms Poltrona Frau showroom into an "Earth Station" | Design | Dezeen

Architect and artist Michele de Lucchi explains how his takeover of Poltrona Frau's flagship store during Milan design week explores new ways of working and learning, in this movie Dezeen produced for the Italian brand. Named Connecting Experiences, the showroom installation comprises a series of spaces that encourage visitors to engage with a selection of Poltrona Frau products by working, relaxing and learning together. These zones are delineated by wooden screens, which are intended to add depth to the rooms whilst also creating privacy. De Lucchi, whose architecture studio AMDL is based in Milan, was commissioned by Poltrona Frau following a research project called Earth Stations, which he conducted over a period of two years. The showroom is intended to be a prototype realisation of this conceptual research project. "I try to interpret the world in which we are living, and especially try to understand what will happen in the future," the architect told Dezeen. Central to De Lucchi's research was the premise that advancements in technology would eventually liberate the human race from laborious, menial tasks. According to the architect, this freedom could give rise to new kinds of spaces, where work and education could be engaged with in a more informal and collective manner. Read more on Dezeen: https://www.dezeen.com/"p=1343395

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