Netha Goldberg designs shoes with attachments for tampons and matches - architecture and design

Netha Goldberg designs shoes with attachments for tampons and matches

Tampons, matches and charging ports protrude from integrated openings in these Netina shoes, which Netha Goldberg designed to allow wearers to "assist while on the go". The knitted Netina shoe collection is comprised of three designs, each providing a different use. One pair of shoes contains matches, another holds tampons of varied sizes and the third offers electrical ports to charge a number of devices. Israeli designer Goldberg chose objects that are a part of people's daily lives, and that are regularly lent to and shared with other people, like when a smoker asks someone for a light. The designer explained that having these items to offer to others who need them encourages positive physical interaction, something that she believes our society does not experience enough and often actively avoids. Read more on Dezeen:"p=1574656 WATCH NEXT: Neta Soreq's Energetic Pass shoes have bouncy 3D-printed soles - Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest architecture and design movies: Like Dezeen on Facebook: Follow Dezeen on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Check out our Pinterest:

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