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Redesigning Our Lives by Oliver Salway | Redesign the World | Dezeen

A short film by Oliver Salway that imagines a future where humanity has chosen to embrace a simpler existence to avert climate catastrophe has been highly commended by the judges of Dezeen's Redesign the World competition powered by Twinmotion. Salway's film, which was generated using architectural visualisation tool Twinmotion and then cut together using video editing software, is titled Redesigning Our Lives. In it, Salway imagines a future where people idolise eco-warriors instead of social media influencers, cut out long-distance travel and build simpler structures using materials such as wood and ceramics instead of concrete and steel. The entry is a finalist in the Redesign the World competition. Although it narrowly missed out on a place in the top three, the Redesign the World judges commended the film highly for its originality. "Salway's submission was unlike any other," the judges said. "He turned the competition brief on its head with a film that calls for humans to redesign the way they live rather than trying to redesign the planet." "Despite diverging from the brief, the judges felt it was an important and well-expressed sentiment. They wish to commend it highly for taking a different approach." Redesign the World is the ultimate design competition, which called for new ideas to rethink planet Earth to ensure that it remains habitable long into the future. Launched in partnership with Epic Games, the contest asked entrants to visualise their concepts using architectural visualisation software Twinmotion. Read more on Dezeen:"p=1736734 See all the Redesign the World finalists: Find out more about Redesign the World:

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