Watch our talk on the future of hospitality and travel design | Design | Dezeen - architecture and design

Watch our talk on the future of hospitality and travel design | Design | Dezeen

Dezeen's Eleanor Gibson spoke to a panel of experts about how hospitality and travel design is changing in this panel discussion filmed by Dezeen for the Radical Innovation Award. On the panel was Radical Innovation Award founder John Hardy, architect Danny Forster, Craft House Consulting founder Yvette Jong and James Woods from WeWork. The panel explored the ways in which sustainability, co-living and emerging technologies are changing the way hospitality spaces are designed. Panellists also discussed how the industry is responding to trends such as private members' clubs, modular design and wellness. The talk coincided with the reveal of the finalists for the Radical Innovation Award 2019, an annual hospitality awards programme founded by Hardy. Read more on Dezeen:"p=1365804 WATCH NEXT: Watch our talk on how Bauhaus influenced Danish design - Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest architecture and design movies: Like Dezeen on Facebook: Follow Dezeen on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Check out our Pinterest:

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