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Arena Arbor
The project for the arena at CasaCor Pernambuco 2018, America?s most important collective of interior design, architecture and landscape, was developed by parametric design?s methodologies which consists in programming design and architectural solutions through computational algorithms. The whole space was conceived as a metaphor related to the tree, due to its meaningful symbolism as a natural element representational of life and the ludic aspect it brings in our memories for playful and comforting moments, that will deeply affect the experiences people will have when inside the arena.
Photography by : Guilherme Paiva, Courtesy of SELVAGEN
Also, by analyzing the morphology of a tree it was possible to understand the functional particularity of each component for the construction of the whole, which was fundamental for Arbor Arena?s location, floor, structure, roof and lighting, as the tree?s environment, root, trunk, crown and flower. In addition to being a space for lectures and debates, it is also a resting area ? in contrast with the event which is mostly for visiting ? as its located in a central point at the end of the whole course. The internal landscaping has the intention of bringing a native aspect to the vegetation used and, therefore, tropical species such as açaí and ravenalas compose the environment. And in order to preach the importance of sustainability in the project, the existing coconut palm was preserved.
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