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ARTCOR Creative Center | Maxim Calujac

ARTCOR – Creative Industries Center is located in the historical center of Chisinau in the courtyard of the Art Academy (AMTAP). The center is set to become a place for developing the environment of creative industries of Moldova.

The spatial solution of the building was determined by the configuration of the plot position, the presence of an architectural monument, dated by the late 19th century and neighbor buildings.
Photography: Volker Kreidler
The center includes a new building – 400 m and a part of the old Academy building – 450 m. A part of the site area (1200 m) was occupied by old storage and jerry-building covering a total of ??300 m, the demolition of which opened up the additional space for public use.
Mixed-use of cultural and business space had been designed in a new building, also the second floor is offering a space for workshops and startup collaborations. The roof represents a green terrace with access through the open-air auditorium stairs, which are oriented to the Cazimir-Keshco residential monument.
Photography: Volker Kreidler
The left part of the first floor of the Academy?s building (built in the 1950s) includes spaces for workshops, media library, and meeting rooms. In addition, were added highlighted spaces for the administration of the center, book, and design shop. The musical part, consisting of sound recording space and rehearsal rooms, has been moved in the refitted basement.

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