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What is Cloud Seeding"
Cloud Seeding designed by MODU, is a plaza pavilion, built in front of the Design Museum Holon near Tel Aviv. It is a minimal yet inviting structure that serves many diverse functions. Below the roof, museum visitors and members of the public come together to attend performances, participate in outdoor dance classes, read books on loan from the library or simply lounge in the shade. The pavilion transforms the empty plaza into an exciting and interactive public space.

Cloud Seeding is more than a place for events, it is an event itself. The open-air frame supports a fabric mesh ceiling, which allows breezes to circulate and daylight to penetrate. Overhead, 30,000 ?seeds,? translucent balls made from recycled water bottles, move freely. Driven by the wind, these lightweight ?seeds? are in continual motion; engaging spectators and casting shifting shadows on the ground below. Cloud Seeding is never the same space twice; it is constantly being reconfigured by the interplay of wind, light, and shadows. The wind across the plaza becomes an integral part of the architecture; rendered in real-time by the moving ceiling. The pavilion brings together two familiar aspects of Israel?s built and natural environments, the gabled frame of greenhouses and the Mediterranean Sea breeze, joining them an experience that is both physical and sensorial. photography by © Aviad Bar-Ness
Project Info:

Architects: MODU

Location: Holon, Israel

Project Year: 2015


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