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LinGang New City Community Shopping Center | Shanghai ZF Architectural Design

The project is located in Lingang New City, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Seven residential neighborhoods have been built in the periphery successively, which are divided into three blocks, i.e., community commercial center, commercial street, and serviced apartment. Designed based on the concept of ?Market?, a series of space close to human scale are created to attract and gather traffic to both banks of the river, providing a unique shopping experience that is close to nature.


We position the project as a modern community living center (CLC) with traditional market commercial space, expect to fully exploit the potential of the land and use the clustering of small commercial buildings to create a series of free spaces close to human scale, to perfectly reflect the unique ambience of ?Market? and attract people from residential area to commercial area. Photograph by Yong Zhang
We have designed two ?small markets? along the river. Starting from the two-bank-waterfront public life center, the commercial center with large volume is arranged on the northwest side, with high and low staggered stairs, green leisure plaza and river landscape, just like a ?hill? of the market, serving as a friendly scale transition between the river and commercial center.

Eight stand-alone 1-3 story shops are scattered on the northeast side. The 12-story serviced apartment in an L shape is located at the northeast corner and encloses two winding commercial streets, three plazas, and corners ...

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