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New Research Shows Construction Workers Earn More Than Architects!

It is no secret that architects are underpaid, but did you know that construction workers including bricklayers, floorers, scaffolders, and plasterers all earn more money than architects"
According to the Federation of Master Builders in the UK (FMB), known as the largest trade association in the industry, the average bricklayer receives a 10% higher salary than the typical architect.
Additionally, according to a research by the Office for National Statistics in a 2017 earnings report, the median annual pay for architects in the UK is approximately £38,228. On the other hand, construction workers, specifically bricklayers, earn an average annual salary that reaches £42,034.
The Irish Bricklayers Network
Interestingly, the FMB report also found that one of the firms was paying London construction workers £90,000 per year. What makes this study even more surprising, is that most construction workers do not work late at night like many architects do in their offices as the outdoor site work usually ends by sunset. Although construction workers work usually include heavy lifting and tough work, it is undeniable that the typical architect’s salary is still considered relatively low considering the extra working hours and demanding workload.
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Courtesy of the FMB
FMB’s chief executive Brian Berry said: ‘Money talks and when it comes to...

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