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Velvet by Flussocreativo

Located in Bovezzo, Italy, this luxurious apartment has been recently designed by Flussocreativo.

The elegance of the most luxurious environments, the purest exaltation of natural refinishings: this is Velvet. What you can admire is the outcome of a restyling operated inside an apartment, located in a new building dedicated to client’s families, of 240 square meters.

First of all, the entrance: after you cross the threshold of the house it is immediately possible to admire the main elements that characterize Velvet. The solid central monolith is immediately visible. It includes a fireplace that opens its warm jaws to the open space . This element defines the subdivision of the space between the living area and the sleeping area of the apartment. The entrance is also furnished with a practical custom-designed piece of furniture, characterized by an iron structure with oak hinged openings and a particular mirror insert. In the living area, on the other hand, the presence of warm velvet dominates. In the abundant open space we find three distinct areas: the sofa area, the table area and, finally, the one dedicated to the kitchen. Overall, modern and rational geometries embrace the soft and elegant velvet, allowing the exaltation of natural colors and the clearest distinction of every detail from its own context.
Specifically, we can first of all distinguish the ?sofa area?: an important presence of the large piece of furniture intended f...


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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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Velvet by Flussocreativo

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