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Zinder Cultural Center | De Zwarte Hond

Zinder Cultural Center
Designed by De Zwarte Hond, Tiel?s new culture building, ?Zinder?, is situated in the city center and the river Waal. The new culture cluster pulsates and stimulates and invites the inhabitants of Tiel and the surrounding area to participate. Music or dance lessons, follow a painting course, borrow books, rehearse with your band and go to a pop concert, it?s all happening in Zinder. De Zwarte Hond, commissioned by Koninklijke VolkerWessels, was responsible for the architectural, urban and landscape design. The municipality of Tiel is actively boosting the attraction of its city. The qualities of the river Waal will be exploited more fully and the relationship between the city center and the river reinforced. The level of facilities is being raised and access to the city center will also be improved. Zinder is an important component of these plans. Photography: ScagliolaBrakkee
The project is very meticulously embedded between the river, the historic city center and the formal Rechtbankstraat. What carries the plan is the raised culture podium: a new plaza with the volumes of the arts center (Zinder Education) and the public library. The podium exploits the differences in height of the venue, transforming it into an attractive recreational area that will function as an extension to the culture building ? blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. The differences in height are transformed into usable spaces and an intimate viewpoint overlooking...
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